Fine Art Suplies Kids Colour Poster Paint (All Colours)

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General Information

FAS Super Tempera Paint FAS Super Tempera is a safe and non-toxic high-grade washoff poster paint. Ideally suited for art education and particularly suitable for large-area poster painting, stencil and printing techniques, finger painting and general artwork. FAS Super Tempera is ready-made for instant use, it will not separate or spoil with no shaking or stirring required. Supplied in a 2 or 5 litre bottle in 17 brilliant colours.

First Aid Information


Rinse mouth. Drink water. Do not induce vomiting. (Do not give liquids to unconscious person)


Irrigate with water if accidentally applied to the eye. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.


Wash and contamination with fresh water.


In the unlikely event that the trace levels of vinyl acetate monomer cause any symptom, remove patient to fresh air and seek medical assistance.

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