Selleys Aquadhere PVA Glue

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PVA adhesive specially formulated for interior woodworking repairs and projects. White in colour, dries clear and cleans up easily with water.

First Aid


Remove victim from exposure – avoid becoming a casulaty. Remove contaminated clothing and loosen remaining clothing. Allow patient to assume most comfortable position and keep warm. Keep at rest until fully recovered. Seek medical attention if effects persist

Skin Contact

If skin or hair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water. If swelling, redness, blistering or irritation occurs, seek medical assistance.

Eye Contact

If in eyes, wash out immidiatly with water. In all cases of eye contamination, it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advise.


Rince mouth with water. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vommiting. Give a glass of water to drink. Never give anything by mouth to an unconsious patient. If vommiting occurs, give further water. Seek medical advise.

GHS Pictogram Elements


Recommended PPE


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